Panel Discussion – The key role of local and regional authorities in EU security Policy and related initiatives

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Implications of local and regional authorities in the new initiatives proposed by the EU 

visuel AG> Friday 19 March 15:00-17:00 CET

The upcoming multi-annual financing period provides cities and regions authorities with new European initiatives seeking to enhance urban security, with a specific emphasis on an integrated approach towards the protection of public spaces.

Among these concrete new opportunities provided by the European Union we will focus on the EU Pledge on Urban Security and Resilience initiative mentioned in the Counter-Terrorism Agenda of the European Commission, and on the new European Urban Initiative.

The new Counter-terrorism agenda of the European Commission describes cities as the “backbone of security” and states that “local and regional authorities play a key role both in the protection of public spaces and the prevention of radicalisation.”

Initiatives launched at the European level to promote the role of local and regional authorities

In order to further foster the role of local and regional authorities in the protection of public spaces, the European Commission designs particularly relevant new initiatives and support tools, like the EU Pledge on Urban Security and Resilience: “In cooperation with the Urban Agenda for the EU Partnership for Security in Public Spaces and building on the successful initiative EU Cities against Radicalisation, the Commission will propose an EU Pledge on Urban Security and Resilience, setting out basic principles and objectives for local authorities in these areas, and will call upon interested cities to sign up to a positive agenda to prevent and counter radicalisation and reduce vulnerabilities in public spaces.” Through the EU Pledge initiative the European Commission seeks to facilitate the sharing of good practices and support projects led by cities and peer-to-peer advisory efforts.

Another pertinent new initiative launched by DG REGIO is the European Urban Initiative (EUI). This instrument seeks to provide “coherent support for cities that builds on all thematic priorities of the Urban Agenda for the EU (UAEU) and covers all urban areas”. Therefore, the EUI’s overall ambition is to “address fragmentation and diversity of support & tools offered to cities under Cohesion Policy”. To do so, the EUI Governance structure and the Urban Agenda for the EU will mutually support each other. Moreover, the EUI will coordinate its actions with URBACT IV.

Promote exchanges between local and regional authorities and the European institutions and initiatives on urban security policies

In order to discuss these new and promising initiatives that can enhance and support the local and regional authorities’ role and actions when it comes to the protection of public spaces in an integrated manner, the representatives of the relevant European Institutions -like the European Commission or the European Committee of the Regions – are invited to present them. Within the presentations a specific accent will be put on the role of local and regional authorities under these initiatives. Equally, we invite representatives from networks of local and regional authorities, such as the European Forum for Urban Security and, initiatives like the Partnership on Security in Public Spaces of the Urban Agenda for the EU, to comment on these initiatives.

Foreseen speakers

Representatives of the DG Home and DG Regio (European Commission) and of the European Committee of Regions


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