Web conference – A delicate but possible balance: Broadening the scope of nighttime activities & Enhancing public tranquility

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Wednesday 3 March 2021
14h00 -15h30 CET

The use of the city changes during night time: the needs and demands of citizens are not the same as during the day. A balance is difficult to find between a vivid nightlife with festivities, the real and perceived security of those participating in these night activities and public tranquility. Some cities strive to promote this balance by diversifying the type of activities that are accessible during the night. Such alternative activities aim to provide more offer than the activities that we commonly associate to the night (e.g. drinking and clubbing) and, at the same time, reduce the negative consequences of the latter activites (such as alcohol and drug abuse, sexual harassment…)

Broadening the scope of nighttime activities while enhancing public tranquility implies the diversification of the use of the ‘party districts’ and the diversification of the activities such districts can offer to different age groups on the public and private spaces.

Understanding how local authorities can contribute and, ultimately, co-produce these alternative activities with the relevant stakeholders (e.g. owners and employees of nightlife establishments) is a key part of the success of developing a nightlife offer with a broadened scope.

In the framework of this Working Group, we invite those stakeholders from different European cities who would be interested in sharing their experiences to discuss the following topics:

  • Innovative initiatives and practices (with an accent on the related procedures, tools, resources…etc.) concerning the elaboration of a nightlife offer with a broadened scope
  • Partners to be involved in the elaboration and implementation of an alternative nightlife development strategy; and the relevant tools and channels used for communication and information exchange purposes by and among the nightlife stakeholders (e.g. local elected officials, first respondents, mediators, NGOs, owners and employees of nightlife establishments…etc.) and nightlife “users”
  • Attempts and concrete initiatives to counter the negative consequences of nightlife activities such as substance abuse and increase in sexual harassment

The session will start with a small networking exercise adapted to the number of participants and to the online format. Then, the three above-mentioned questions will be presented and discussed.
The European Forum for Urban Security invites you to participate in this thematic Working Group seeking to reflect collectively on the prior listed elements.


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If you have any questions please contact:
Eszter Karacsony, karacsony@efus.eu and Martí Navarro Regàs, navarroregas@efus.eu