Protecting public spaces against terrorist threats: kickoff meeting of the PACTESUR project

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Nice, France, march 2019 – The partners of the PACTESUR (Protecting Allied Cities Against Terrorism by Securing Urban Areas) European project, which is led by Nice (FR) and will last three years, had their kickoff meeting there on 28 March.

 > Fostering the exchange of experiences

The PACTESUR partners will exchange their experiences and reflections on four themes: the study of standards, legal frames and local governance; the development of specialised training for local security operators; raising awareness among citizens and politicians on their role in crime prevention and security; and lastly the identification of the most adapted investments for making public spaces that are open and touristic more secure without “bunkerizing” them.

“PACTESUR is an occasion for us to exchange with other cities on the training of police officers, on the type of security programmes that can be implemented and on how to inform the public,” said Efus President, Willy Demeyer, in his opening statement.

Efus in charge of coordinating 11 cities and the expert committee

Efus is in charge of coordinating the activities to be carried out by the 11 associate cities and the expert committee, which gathers some 15 members each specialised in a particular area relevant to the security of public spaces.

Three activities will be organised each year for three years: an annual working meeting with all the members of the group of associate cities and the expert committee; workshops on local governance; and field visits to the partner cities during the European Week of Security.

PACTESUR’s next meeting will be the first of the three annual meetings and will be held in July in one of the project’s partner cities. The two main themes of the session will be how to exchange information with police, whether national or local, and how to communicate with citizens.

> The project consortium

The project consortium gathers Efus, the cities of Liege (BE), Nice (FR) and Turin (IT), and the Italian federation of municipalities ANCI-Piemonte. It also includes two groups of associate partners: 11 cities and 15 experts who will be members of the steering committee.

The 11 associate cities are: Athens (GR), Edinburg (GB), Essen (DE), Gdansk (PL), Leeds (GB), Lisbon (PT), London (GB), Madrid (ES), Munich (DE), Riga (LV), and Xàbia (ES)

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