Call for expert – European project “LOUD”

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The European Forum for Urban Security is looking for an expert for the LOUD project.

The 2008 economic crisis that hit many European countries increased social poverty among young people and exposed them to multiple vulnerabilities. Developing intercultural awareness and combat prejudice are important to promote social inclusion and strengthen social cohesion.

The European project “LOUD – local young leaders for inclusion“, aims to foster inclusive environments for young people in order to prevent them from drifting into intolerance and extremist behaviours. It will strengthen local authorities’ and young people’s capacities to produce alternative narratives.

The main objectives are to:

  • Counter all forms of intolerance and extremist speeches among young people
  • Provide effective alternative narratives at the local level
  • Empower young people on tackling discrimination and extremist contents
  • Promote European exchanges on alternative narratives among young people

Profil of the expert:

  • The expert must demonstrate extensive knowledge and understanding of the themes and methodologies relating to urban security (local security policy, security audits, needs assessment), radicalisation and violent extremism especially among young people and discriminatory violence; 
  • The expert must demonstrate a strong interest in the European dimension, as well as a strong ability to adapt to information being exchanged in a transnational context;
  • The expert should possess strong analytical and writing skills;
  • The working languages of the project are French and English: for the project meetings, interpretation services will be provided. While it is not necessary to be bilingual, a good command of these two languages is an asset.

The deadline for this application is 18 February 2019. Interested?

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