Call for expert – European project “BRIDGE”

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The European Forum for Urban Security is looking for an expert for the BRIDGE project.

The European project “Bridge – Building resilience to reduce polarisation and growing extremism”, led by the European Forum for Urban Security (Efus), aims to raise awareness among local actors and strengthen their capacity to reduce individual and collective vulnerability to radicalisation and extremism while at the same time mitigating the phenomenon of polarisation. It brings together local authorities and civil society organisations from 6 countries that exchange on the European level, conduct assessments of polarisation at the local level, and implement local pilot actions. As part of this project, Efus is looking for an expert to support the development of local polarisation audits, the implementation of local actions and the production of topical guidance for European local authorities and other stakeholders.

The expert will contribute to the development of an assessment methodology and practical tools that will allow the partner local authorities to assess and monitor polarisation processes in their territories, support the partner local authorities in implementing their local polarisation assessments and pilot projects, and contribute to the project publication …

The deadline for this application is 18 February 2019. Interested?

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