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Paris, France, July 2018Between now and the autumn, Efus will submit four projects that are up for funding by the European Commission on topics such as the prevention of racism, discrimination against Roma people, hate speech and gender-based violence.

We invite you to take part in these project submissions. If you are interested, please contact the Efus team, and in particular napolano@efus.eu.
Here is a description of each call and its corresponding Efus project, in which you can participate.


Call for proposals to prevent and combat racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance
The call is aimed at supporting projects focusing on preventing and combating racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance by:
– improving responses to hate crime and hate speech, including but not limited to means of criminal law;
– supporting victims of hate crime and hate speech;
– preventing hatred by fostering tolerance and social cohesion.
>>> Deadline: 04 October 2018 – Link to the EC website
>  Efus’ project
Efus will present a continuation of the Just and Safer Cities for All (JUST) to be implemented in cooperation with civil society organisations from eight European countries. The project will investigate the prevalence of discriminatory violence across Europe, gather local practices aimed at fighting discrimination and racist violence, and develop recommendations for local authorities on how to prevent these phenomena.
The new project, titled JUST II, will make further use of the experience gathered through the first JUST project in order to foster and implement new and well designed projects and activities against hate and intolerance in European cities. Partnering up with European local authorities willing to prevent and combat racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance, JUST II will inform and improve pilot projects against discriminatory violence and intolerance in the partner cities and beyond, as well create a toolkit that will include practical guidelines for designing and implementing similar projects to be used by further local authorities.


Call for proposals to support national or transnational projects on non-discrimination and Roma integration
This call will aim to co-fund national or transnational projects tackling at least one of the following grounds of discrimination: racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation. One of the goals of the call is to fight against anti-gypsyism and various forms of discrimination of Roma – including spatial and schooling segregation, discrimination in (access to) employment and housing, forced evictions – through activities aiming to raise awareness and combat harmful stereotypes of Roma and thereby supporting their integration into mainstream society. Empowering Roma youth, women and children and promoting their participation in developing, implementing and monitoring policies affecting them. Supporting capacity building of Roma and pro-Roma civil society active at the local level.
>>> Deadline: 09 October 2018 – Link to the EC website
>  Efus’ project
Efus will submit a project to combat harmful stereotypes towards Roma by promoting the coexistence of different social groups and developing local initiatives which foster dialogue between communities.
This proposal will aim to increase the awareness of local authorities about discrimination and harmful stereotypes against Roma, and strengthen their capacity to deal with such discrimination and to communicate on their efforts with other local authorities and local citizens.


Call for proposals to monitor, prevent and counter hate speech online
This call is aimed at supporting projects to better understand, monitor, prevent and counter hate speech online. The priorities of the call are the following:
– Projects aimed at development, studies and analyses of the sociological landscape and trends on hate speech online;
– Projects on developing online alternative and counter-narratives and promoting the development of critical thinking by Internet users;
– Projects aimed at countering illegal hate speech online on social platforms/Internet companies and enhancing transparency on how manifestations of hate speech are addressed in the online world.

>>> Deadline: 11 October 2018 – Link to the EC website
>  Efus’ project
Efus will present a proposal to prevent marginalisation and radicalisation leading to violent extremism among young people. The general objective  will be to mobilise young people and local authorities in order to develop local alternative-narrative campaigns that foster inclusive youth environments and prevent young people from drifting to intolerance and extremist behaviour.


Call for proposals to prevent and combat gender-based violence and violence against children
 The aim of the call is to prevent and combat gender-based violence and violence against children. 
The priorities of the call are the following :

1. Prevention of gender-based violence (GBV)
2. Protection and support for victims and witnesses of domestic violence
3. The coordination and/or adaptation of support services for sexual and gender-based violence to include refugees and migrants (children, women, LGBTI persons, men and boys)
4. Prevention and responding to cyber sexual- and gender-based violence (targeting children, women, LGBTI persons, men and boys)
5. Promoting the embedding of child safeguarding policies across different settings and sectors, such as sports clubs and organisations, extra-curricular activities and/or leisure/recreation clubs/organisations for children

>>> Deadline: 13 November 2018 – Link to the EC website
>  Efus’ project
Efus will prepare a proposal  o raise awareness on gender-based violence, in particular by changing the attitudes and behaviours of young people (under 18 years old) in order to prevent its incidence, encourage reporting and protect and support victims.


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