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Efus Country Profile: France

Last update : 02.10
1.Crime statistics

Crime rate (2008) : 57.51 ‰ (2007 : 58.33‰; 2006 : 61.03‰; 2005 : 62.35‰)
In France crime rate is the ratio between offences and the national population according to census
Offences (2008): 3.558.329
Since 2002 offences decrease of 14,21%
Main Offences (2008):
Thefts : 1.847.205. Since 1998, thefts decrease (-19,39%)
People offences : 408.251, in the past ten years, people offences increase (+84,77%)
Economic offences : 381.032. Since 2005, economic offences increase (+19,56%)
Others (including drugs) : 921.841. More or less stable since 2002
Custodies (2008): 577.816. Since 2004, custodies increase (+22.40%) and cause many arguments between politics, and between law enforcement forces and Justice
Offenders (2008):
Total : 1.172.393. Since 2004 number of offenders increase of 15,17%
Minors percentage (10-18) : 17,73%. The ratio minors/offenders decrease since 2006 (2006 : 18,33%; 2007 : 18,04%), but the number of minors increase (+12.52% between 2004 and 2008).


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