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Justice for minors in the Netherlands: Summary File, 2000

Prosecution age:  this age is fixed at twelve, although full prosecution is reserved for people 18 or over. Children under 12 have absolute immunity.  There is a specific penal code that can be applied to young offenders who are twelve … More


Its official title “Strong Youth – Strong Future” aims to take a closer look at prevention of criminal careers, school violence, preventive measures in education, justice and social work. The open forum extends this to questions of support for parents, … More

Parental Mediation, Liège, Belgique 2005

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Drug Prevention in Party Scenes / Paris France, 2006

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DC&D French-German seminar on local drug policies, Paris, September 26th 27th 2007

In the framework of the Democracy, Cities & Drugs project, the EFUS organized, on September 27th-28th in Paris, a seminar gathering German and French cities’ drug prevention experts in order to share practices on local and integrated drug policies. Partners: … More