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Best Practice of the Month

In an effort to promote the wealth of experience and knowledge that exists on crime prevention policies and practice on the local level, EFUS is proud to present to the wider public a “Best Practice of the Month” in this … More

Drug Prevention in Party Scenes / Paris France, 2006

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CAT final conference – Speakers’ Presentations

You can now download most of the presentations made during the CITIES AGAINST TERRORISM final conference. The others will be available soon. Module 1: From Global War to Local Targets: a Multidimensional Issue   . Adam Roberts, University of Oxford, Great … More

Utility of evaluation and limits of the implementation in Europe, by Anja Meyer and Erich Marks, 2004.

(More) Quality in Crime Prevention by Anja Meyer / Erich Marks As in so many other fields nowadays, in crime prevention we are increasingly concerned with fulfilling quality demands and attaining an increase in quality in order to guarantee effectiveness … More

Prevention of Drug Abuse Among Youth / Bratislava, Slovakia 1996

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