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Drug Prevention in Party Scenes / Paris, France 2006

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MED Project: Tourism and Urban Safety in the Mediterranean

The EFUS is currently looking for partners to join a Mediterranean cooperation effort on tourism and urban safety. Interested cities can participate in a series of transnational thematic seminars, each one hosted in a partner city in order to strengthen … More

European Day on Training in Risk Management, Paris 2008

The European Forum for Urban Security took part in the First European Day on Training in Risk Management organised by the MS Territorial Risk Management of the EISTI and ENA (Institut de Prévention et de Gestion des Risques Urbains, IPGR) … More

Secure School Movement, Budapest, Hungary 2008

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Cities Against Terrorism (CAT) Project, Training Local Representatives in Confronting Terrorism, 2006-2007

 Project activities and objectives:    For about 15 months, the EFUS coordinated, with the support of the European Commission, “The Cities against Terrorism project (CAT)”. This project offered communication training for local representatives in order to help them improve their … More

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