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Street Mediation, Turin, Italy 2005

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Training programme for the Senegalese civil servant Abou Sarr

The City of Saint-Louis called on the EFUS in order to help facilitate the implementation of a Senegalese Forum for Urban Security. In this context, the Forum co-ordinated the visit of Mr Abou Sarr, a civil servant of the city, … More

Establishment of a Senegalese Forum for Urban Safety

Foundations for a future Senegalese Forum for Urban Safety are currently being laid. This will be coordinated by the city of Saint-Louis. July-August 2004 Training programme for Abou Sarr in France and Belgium June 2004 Information on the City of Saint-Louis December … More

Italian Forum: main activities in 2006

Colloquium « Safety in cities » On 3rd February the city of Ravenna, in collaboration with the ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities) and the ANCI of the Emilia Romagne Region, organised a conference on “city safety: legality, integration and urban quality”. … More

Municipal Police, Alcobendas, Spain 1996

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