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Young People and Drugs

In Spain, the number of young people under 16 asking for help to fight against their drug dependency has doubled in one year. The Association for Drug Addicts Union (UNAD) presented at the beginning of February the profile of the … More

Neighbourhood Teams, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain 1996

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Youth and crime – The preventive action of the National Gendarmerie in France, 2004

Youth and crime – The preventive action of the National Gendarmerie in France Gendarmerie is a specific force set up to insure public safety, to provide maintenance of order and to enforce the law. This is the very height of … More

Utility of evaluation and limits of the implementation in Europe, by Anja Meyer and Erich Marks, 2004.

(More) Quality in Crime Prevention by Anja Meyer / Erich Marks As in so many other fields nowadays, in crime prevention we are increasingly concerned with fulfilling quality demands and attaining an increase in quality in order to guarantee effectiveness … More

Secucities Partnerships: report of the seminar held in Valencia on 8 and 9 June 2001

The following were present at the seminar in Valencia [1] : Mr Claude Jacquier, Researcher with CNRS, France Ms Leah Janss Lafond, Healthy Policy Specialist, UK [2] Miss Laurence Jamotte, Secretary for Prevention Policy, Belgium Mr Pablo Alonso, Minister responsible for … More

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