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CAT final conference – Speakers’ Presentations

You can now download most of the presentations made during the CITIES AGAINST TERRORISM final conference. The others will be available soon. Module 1: From Global War to Local Targets: a Multidimensional Issue   . Adam Roberts, University of Oxford, Great … More

SecuCities Romanian Children, 2003-2004

SECUCITIES ROMANIAN CHILDREN Profiles and the journeys of young homeless Romanians in Europe For some years, many young homeless people coming from a whole range of countries have found themselves wandering the streets of European cities. The majority of these … More

Youth and crime – The preventive action of the National Gendarmerie in France, 2004

Youth and crime – The preventive action of the National Gendarmerie in France Gendarmerie is a specific force set up to insure public safety, to provide maintenance of order and to enforce the law. This is the very height of … More

Secucities partnership conference, 2001-2003

Click to download the presentation by Jim Rafferty, chief executive CCP, about the anti social exclusion partnership (2001). Click  to download the speech (in French) by Claude Jacquier, CNRS researcher, on integrated approaches in Europe, at the dissemination seminar of the SecuCities … More

Utility of evaluation and limits of the implementation in Europe, by Anja Meyer and Erich Marks, 2004.

(More) Quality in Crime Prevention by Anja Meyer / Erich Marks As in so many other fields nowadays, in crime prevention we are increasingly concerned with fulfilling quality demands and attaining an increase in quality in order to guarantee effectiveness … More