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1.General Informations : Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic, located in the southeast of the country. It was founded in 1243, although the area had been settled since the 5th century. Brno is the capital of … More

Making Safer Places – Prevention of Violence Against Women, UK 2005

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Cultural Mediators, Turin, Italy 1997

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CAT final conference – Speakers’ Presentations

You can now download most of the presentations made during the CITIES AGAINST TERRORISM final conference. The others will be available soon. Module 1: From Global War to Local Targets: a Multidimensional Issue   . Adam Roberts, University of Oxford, Great … More

Saragossa Conference Workshop on Minorities and Migrations, Nov 2006

This international conference, organised by the European Forum for Urban Security, brought 800 participants together to discuss all major issues and current challenges in urban security. It ended with the adoption of the SARAGOSSA MANIFESTO, an important policy document summarising the … More

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