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General Assembly 2011 / Roma people: Efus calls for urgent action in favour of education

The resolution devoted to Roma people in Europe was introduced to the General Assembly participants by Franco Corradini, in charge of security in the Italian city of Reggio Emilia, and presented by Bernard Vincent, Counsellor to the Mayor of Aubervilliers … More

Alexandroupolis invites the Forum to visit the border zone with Turkey, where the Greek government is planning to build an “anti-immigration” wall

Located a few kilometres away from Turkey, in the North-East of Greece, the city of Alexandroupolis, member of the Forum, is the most affected by the project of the government of George Papandreou to build up a wall along the … More

Efus takes action in favour of young Roma people’s education

Lisbon – 4 November 2010 – In September, Guilherme Pinto, president of the Forum, issued a public statement on the situation of Roma people in Europe following the wave of expulsions ordered by the French government over the summer. Mr … More

Efus’ President reacts to the debates about Roma people in Europe

There has been much debate in Europe recently about the situation of the Roma people, particularly in the light of the recent initiatives of the French government. The Efus has been working for some time now on […]

Young Roma and Drugs: launch of the SRAP project

Efus, who is in charge of communication on the European project SRAP (Addiction Prevention within Roma and Sinti communities), attended the launch meeting in Luxembourg on 15 and 16 September 2010. Scheduled to last for a period of three years, … More

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