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New publication “EU Street Violence: Youth Groups and Violence in Public Spaces”

  Paris – Street violence, or violence committed by youth groups in public spaces is often mentioned by European cities as one of their priority issues in terms of security. In many cities, they are res­ponsible for a large proportion of … More

European experiences with street violence: not gangs but troublesome youth groups

Insights from the seminar of the EU Reco Street Violence Project, Paris, November 29 2011 Do European cities have a gangs problem? Cities have different answers to this question, but the answer also depends on what we mean by “gangs”. Most … More

Youth gangs and international cooperation

The President of Efus, Guilherme Pinto, and a staff member attended this international conference that the Forum has been coorganising for two years now, in cooperation with the city of Helsinki and the Finnish Ministry of Justice. This year, the … More

Suburban Violence in the Netherlands (EFUS News), Oct 2007

SUBURBAN VIOLENCE IN THE NETHERLANDS    by Sven Engel (EFUS News, October 27, 2007) The nightly troubles that have occurred in the Dutch city of Slotervaart, a suburban town of 45’000 inhabitants close to Amsterdam, recall the continuing crisis of … More

Publication: Gangs in France, FFSU 2006

Publication by the French Forum for Urban Safety, Paris 2006 Written by Elodie Tournebize Translated from French by Sandra Bedout and Götz Nordbruch ABSTRACT Gangs exist everywhere. Since meeting in groups is the preferred mode of socialization among youth from … More

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