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Secucities Partnerships: report of the seminar held in Valencia on 8 and 9 June 2001

The following were present at the seminar in Valencia [1] : Mr Claude Jacquier, Researcher with CNRS, France Ms Leah Janss Lafond, Healthy Policy Specialist, UK [2] Miss Laurence Jamotte, Secretary for Prevention Policy, Belgium Mr Pablo Alonso, Minister responsible for … More

Workshop on “Drugs”, Zaragoza conference, 2006

In the framework of the Saragossa conference, a Workshop on Drugs was coordinated by the Belgian Forum for Prevention and Urban Safety and the Democracy, Cities & Drugs Network with the support of the European Commission and of the Mission … More

French police and young offenders and victims, 2004

Gendarmerie National Headquarters 6 April 2004 Subject: youth and crime – the National Gendarmerie’s preventive action The gendarmerie is a specific force set up to ensure public safety, to maintain order and to enforce the law. These are its main … More

Drugs in Prison – Follow-up / Liège, Belgium 2001

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Drug Services in Prison and Prevention of Re-Offending / Brno, Czech Republic 2005

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