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The European Civil Society Forum on Drugs

On January 2006, the European Commission organized inBrussels a conference on “ to strengthen the involvement of civil society in EU drugs policy development and evaluation. Some of the European networks involved in the “” project took part in this event … More

Democracy, Cities and Drugs project (DC&D) – 2005-2007

Role of the EFUS Project: Manager Partners:                 IREFREA-Italy, ITACA-Europe, GRUP IGIA (Spain), SANANIM (Czech Republic), ABD (Spain), Espoir Goutte d’or (France), 3TE-UK (United Kingdom), EURO-TC, ALIA, Basics Network, DrogArt (Slovenia), Modus Vivendi (Belgium), VWS-Veiren Weiener Sozialprojekte   (Austria) Crew 2000 … More

The Grand Yoff popular security committee in Dakar (Senegal)

The problem of urban safety in “disadvantaged urban areas” and the emergence of popular security movements: The Grand Yoff Popular Security Committee in Dakar (Senegal). Presented by – SEYDOU SOW  (Urban manager, Specialist Consultant for developing cities) & – OMAR … More

News from the Senegalese Forum, June 2004

The Dakar Seminar in January 2004 marked a turning point for the revival of the Senegalese Forum for Urban Safety, whose presence prior to this was not visible.  After the resolution known as the Dakar Declaration of January 2004, which … More

Justice for minors in the Republic of Ireland, 2000

Age of criminal responsibility: Absolute criminal immunity for children under 7, who are considered “doli incapax”. Children aged 7 to 14 are deemed to be partially criminally responsible. Children who are 14 or over are criminally responsible.  Offenders who are … More

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