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Prison Services for Drug Addicted Prisoners / Lodz, Poland 2005

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Drug Services in Prison and Prevention of Re-Offending / Brno, Czech Republic 2005

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Drug Prevention in Party Scenes / Paris, France 2006

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Interview: Marguerite Arène, Fêtez clairs Project, Paris 2007

Marguerite Arène is in charge of the DASES (Social Action, Childhood and Health Management) drug addiction prevention Mission in the City of Paris.  With the drug addiction project manager at the Paris prefecture, she is behind a harm reduction approach … More

New EU Funding Options 2008

EFUS is currently looking for partners in several areas in order to apply for EU project-based funding. Please contact us if you are working in one of the mentioned areas of crime prevention and community safety, and if you are … More

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