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Interrogation in the UK on the new government’s program in urban safety

In March 2010, a new strategy entitled Safe and Confident Neighbourhood Strategy was issued by the Labour government. Generally well received, the strategy emphasized the need for sustainable policing rooted in the local partnership in which citizens could have total … More

International Centre for the Prevention of Crime (CIPC-ICPC)*

1. General Information : Member since 1994 The ICPC is an international forum for national governments, local authorities, public agencies, specialised institutions, and non-government organisations to exchange experience, consider emerging knowledge, and improve policies and programmes in crime prevention and … More


1. General Information : Porto is a Portuguese city located in the north of the country, and is capital of the Northern region and the District of Porto. Porto encompasses a land area of 41 km², home to a total … More


1. General Information : Cascais is a Portuguese town in the district of Lisbon, in the Lisbon region. It is located about 30 minutes from Lisbon, near the Atlantic coast. It is the fifth town in Portugal in terms of number of inhabitants. … More

Efus’ Newsletter #2

June, 15th/17th-2010: Conférence du National Community Safety Network, UK June, 17th/18th-2010: Securité et grands événements, Florence, IT June, 17th/18th-2010: Congrès International sur le Bullying, Matosinhos, PT June, 23th/17th-2010: Assemblée Générale du Forum Français pour la Sécurité Urbaine Guilherme PINTO, Président de … More

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