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CAT final conference – Speakers’ Presentations

You can now download most of the presentations made during the CITIES AGAINST TERRORISM final conference. The others will be available soon. Module 1: From Global War to Local Targets: a Multidimensional Issue   . Adam Roberts, University of Oxford, Great … More

SecuCities Inclusion, 2001-2003.

 Study: ‘How the European Volunteer Service (EVS), initiated by the European Commission, can better contribute to the social integration of young people in great difficulty?’, 2001 (In the framework of the European Programme “Assistance for cooperation between social solidarity institutions … More

“Community Service: Serving the Community?”, A study of the Swedish Crime Prevention Council, 2003

The study ordered by the National Council of Crime Prevention of Sweden and lead by Karin Andersson and Lottie Wahlin present several items: – Community service is often used to replace a prison term of no more than two months … More

Town Twinning Conference on local safety strategies and participation of citizens in Gliwice, Poland, 2006

The EFUS has organised a conference on local safety strategies with the city of GLIWICE (Poland) on 4-5-6 October 2006. This conference took places within the Twinning project with the active participation of Valenciennes (France) and National Community Safety Network (UK). The conference focussed on the co-operation … More

SecuCities Crime Prevention in Europe: comparing seven local crime prevention policies 2002

Click here to download the final report (Pdf) The project : The aim of the project is to analyse and to compare the local safety policies to the strategy of the European Union within the field of criminality prevention, and, especially, … More