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Justice for minors in Denmark: Summary Report

Age of criminal responsibility: Minors under 15 are considered criminally irresponsible (article 15 of the Penal Code).  The age when you are civically responsible is fixed at 18. Trials: There is no special youth court, as the Danish Constitution forbids … More

Justice for minors in France: Summary Report, 2000

Age of criminal responsibility – This is the same age as the age when defendants can be tried as adults, i.e. 18, but can be lowered to 13 in certain cases. Minors under 13 have complete immunity from criminal proceedings –          … More

Justice for minors in the Republic of Ireland, 2000

Age of criminal responsibility: Absolute criminal immunity for children under 7, who are considered “doli incapax”. Children aged 7 to 14 are deemed to be partially criminally responsible. Children who are 14 or over are criminally responsible.  Offenders who are … More

Justice for minors in the Netherlands: Summary File, 2000

Prosecution age:  this age is fixed at twelve, although full prosecution is reserved for people 18 or over. Children under 12 have absolute immunity.  There is a specific penal code that can be applied to young offenders who are twelve … More

Local Coordination of Drug Policy / St. Gilles, Belgium 2003

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