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Belgian Blog on Community Mediation

A French language blog is dedicated to community and neighbourhood mediation. This webspace allows for exchange of ideas and views among professionals, trainers, students and all other persons who are interested in mediation that relates to a particular urban space: … More

New EU Funding Options 2008

EFUS is currently looking for partners in several areas in order to apply for EU project-based funding. Please contact us if you are working in one of the mentioned areas of crime prevention and community safety, and if you are … More

Working Group Urban Safety and Cultural Diversity, Liège 2004-06

Title: Urban Safety and Cultural Diversity – Sécurité Urbaine et Diversité Culturelle SUDC Role of Efus: Practical advisor, production of practical forms of information Partners: Liege (Belgium, pilot city), Roubaix (France), Lyon (France), Genoa (Italy) and Luton (United Kingdom). Several … More

10th Anniversary of the Czech Crime Prevention Policy

An all-too rare but precious occurrence: a National authority chooses to reflect upon its crime prevention policy in an international and national context. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of establishing a crime prevention system in the Czech Republic, … More

French Forum: Main Activities in 2006

  Executive committees and General Assembly The executive committee gathered on January 18th, March 1st, April 12th, September 27th and November 21st. The General Assembly of the French forum was held in Saint-Denis on May 30th. Local elected adopted the … More