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Why sign the Charter for a Democratic Use of Video Surveillance

One of the outcomes of the European project “Citizens, Cities and Video Surveillance”, the Charter for A Democratic Use of Video Surveillance is both a code of deontology and a methodological tool aimed at any local authority using or planning … More

Executive Committee calls for responsible use of CCTV

Lisbon (Portugal) – November 4, 2010 – The Charter for the democratic use of CCTV is one of the outcomes of the Efus-led European project “Citizens, cities and video-surveillance”, which had received the support of the fundamental rights programme of … More

Citizens, Cities and Video Surveillance

The Efus publication Towards a democratic and responsible use of videosurveillance is available to download here on Efus Network. It is the result of the European project Citizens, Cities and Video Surveillance, focused on the use of video surveillance in the … More

Efus Country Profile: France

Last update : 02.10
1.Crime statistics

Crime rate (2008) : 57.51 ‰ (2007 : 58.33‰; 2006 : 61.03‰; 2005 : 62.35‰)
In France crime rate is the ratio between offences and the national population according to census
Offences (2008): 3.558.329
Since 2002 offences decrease of 14,21%
Main Offences (2008):
Thefts : 1.847.205. Since 1998, thefts decrease (-19,39%)
People offences : 408.251, in the past ten years, people offences increase (+84,77%)
Economic offences : 381.032. Since 2005, economic offences increase (+19,56%)
Others (including drugs) : 921.841. More or less stable since 2002
Custodies (2008): 577.816. Since 2004, custodies increase (+22.40%) and cause many arguments between politics, and between law enforcement forces and Justice
Offenders (2008):
Total : 1.172.393. Since 2004 number of offenders increase of 15,17%
Minors percentage (10-18) : 17,73%. The ratio minors/offenders decrease since 2006 (2006 : 18,33%; 2007 : 18,04%), but the number of minors increase (+12.52% between 2004 and 2008).

The Charter for a Democratic Use of Video Surveillance

The Cities, Citizens and Videosurveillance European project also led to the declaration of a Charter for a democratic use of video surveillance, that includes a series of basic principles and practical tools aimed at helping local authorities to guarantee the … More

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