Our aim for 2011: reunite and reaffirm our commitments

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guilherme_pintoIn the name of all our staff, I wish you a very happy new year. As the crisis persists, and affects not only our economic growth but also our societies as a whole, we are convinced that our Forum must, more than ever, make itself heard.

Last year, there has been new tensions in a certain number of European countries, as well as a radicalisation of political stances that favour repression over prevention. In spite of the differences existing among countries, this climate of tension affects directly cities member of our network, since they all share similar challenges in their crime prevention policies. This is why we feel it is more than ever necessary to strengthen the bonds that unite us within the Forum, increase our exchanges, and work together to present innovative urban security policies that respect all citizens, independently from their social and geographic origin.

The final conference of the Democracy, Cities and Drugs (DC&D) II project, which will take place in Vienna (Austria) on February 23, 24 and 25, is a unique opportunity for all of us to meet and discuss. This is why I renew my invitation to all of you to attend this meeting, which incidentally is also the first major event organised by Efus this year.

I hope we’ll see many of you in Vienna.

Guilherme Pinto
European Forum for Urban Security