PROJECT IMPPULSE : Partners meeting and field visit in Lisbon

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Lisbon, Portugal, April 2015 – During their coordination meeting in Lisbon (Portugal), on 1-2 April, the partners of the IMPPULSE project for the improvement of police-population relations discovered on the ground the pilot project developed by the city in the neighbourhood of Baixa-Chiado and in the area of the port.

Lisbon’s project seeks to improve safety and to reduce the feeling of insecurity among tourists in these areas of the city. Through this project, the municipal police cooperate with local shopkeepers and with the company in charge of managing the port of Lisbon. A great number of tourists visit the area when they arrive in Lisbon by cruise boat (see the Practice Sheet on Efus Network).


Participants also exchanged information on their respective pilot projects, which they have developed according to their local priorities and constraints, and worked on their evaluation.
Caroline De Man, from the Free University of Brussels, is the expert chosen to accompany the project partners and to make recommendations on how to share throughout Europe best practices on the improvement of police-population relations.

Also on the agenda of the meeting was the programme of the final conference to be held in Brussels (Belgium) on 16-17 November 2015, in partnership with the city and the Brussels Police Zone.
Partners emphasised that the conference should not be focused on the police itself but rather on the relations between mayors and the police, and on direct relations between citizens and police officers.


Most of the pilot projects that have been set up as part of IMPPULSE will continue after November 2015. The partners stressed that the Brussels conference must be considered as one step in a long-term programme.