20th German Congress for Crime Prevention – 8 and 9 June 2015, Frankfurt

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Présentation1The 20th German Congress for Crime Prevention will take place between the 8 and 9 June 2015 in Frankfurt (Germany). This is the most important event on crime prevention in Europe and, just this year, almost 3000 people are expected and more than 200 well-known figures will take part.

The central topic of this 20th Congress will be that of the economy of crime prevention.

Since 1995, its creation, the primary objectives of this Congress, which Efus is a partner of, have been to enable contact between specialists in the domains of crime prevention and to promote the exchange of expertise as well as the dissemination of recommendations.
The Congress is open to people from all over the world – whether they speak German or not – who work in any crime prevention domain.

As the same time, this edition will also host the 9th Annual International Forum for Crime Prevention. It will be composed of 10 sessions on various topics: prevention of violence towards women, future perspectives on youth crime, prevention of violence and social media, etc. See the programme.

Sebastian Sperber, Efus Project Manager, will present a ‘project spot’ on project LIAISE, on 8 June at 17:30. The aim of this project, led by Efus, is to help local European authorities implement measures to prevent violent radicalisation.
Furthermore, you will be able to meet members of both the European and German Forums at a communal stand.


In addition to that, a ‘project spot’ presentation on the Audit-Project, will be made by Claudia Heinzelmann, coordinator of the DEFUS, and Janina Hentschel, from the City of Augsburg.

Finally, as with all other years, the German Forum (Defus) will benefit from this meeting to organise a meeting with its members.

For more information, go to the German Congress or International Forum websites.