Efus at the French national conference on nightlife, in Nantes

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Nantes, France, April 2015 – Several Efus members were guest speakers at the national “Conference on nightlife” organised by the association Culture Bar-Bars in Nantes (France), on 13-14 April: Gilles Nicolas, Deputy Mayor of Nantes and Vice President of Efus, Roger Vicot, Mayor of Lomme and President of the French Forum for Urban Security (FFSU), Alexandra Siarri, Deputy Mayor of Bordeaux (workshop nº1 on the management of nuisance and the balance between prevention, repression and mediation), Véronique Ketelaer, Project Manager at Efus detached from the city of Brussels (workshop nº2 “What public spaces for nightlife?”), Franck Hanoh, Deputy Mayor of Lille, and Pierre Robin, Deputy Mayor of La Rochelle (workshop nº3 “What cultural offer and what nightlife to increase the attractiveness of a city?”), Frédéric Hocquart, Councillor of Paris in charge of nightlife, and Rachida Guera, coordinator of the nightlife unit at the city of Lyon (workshop nº6 “From the local level to the national level – How to foster synergy between citizens, professionals and public authorities?”).
Representatives of the Urban Community of La Rochelle and of the cities of
Besançon, Poitiers, Lorient, Strasbourg, Montreuil and Rennes were also in attendance.

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Partnership agreement between Efus and Culture Bar-Bars

On the occasion of the conference, Gilles Nicolas and Eric Lejeune, President of the association Culture Bar-Bars, signed a partnership agreement for the exchange of knowledge, practices and interventions in compliance with the mission, intervention doctrine and organisation of each of the two networks. The agreement includes methodological support to Efus members for the implementation of their local nightlife management policies, support to partnerships between cities and nightlife professionals, and the joint organisation of training sessions.

Work meeting among Efus members on nightlife

Following the conference, the Mayor of Nantes, Gilles Nicolas, invited Efus members to a work meeting on nightlife during which participants exchanged on their local issues, existing schemes, expectations and needs. In light of the views expressed during the meeting, new activities will be offered as part of Efus’ working group on nightlife.

The 11 local authorities represented at the meeting said they were willing to work on communication and on means to foster positive activities in public spaces at night. They also stressed the need to establish partnerships with the State and the private sector, and to work on evaluating projects and their impact on the public.

Local authorities agreed to strengthen exchanges, in particular through existing tools such as practice sheets, the online platform Efus Network, study visits and training sessions. They will also develop jointly recommendations and legislative proposals, notably concerning national regulations.