UrbAl Programme The Role of Government in the setting up of participatory policies as regards Urban Security’ programme

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Role of the EFUS      Partner


Project Manager       Prefecture of Guarulhos (Brasil)


Partner                   Guarulhos (Brasil), Bogota (Colombia), Quito (Equator), Coronel (Chili), Barcelona (Spain), Rio Claro (Brasil), Brussels (Belgium), Perugia (Italy), PGU/ALC/ CIGU (Equator)


Content                     The objective of this project is to reinforce the institutional ability of the local governments in the planification and setting-up of participative integrated policies of urban safety. The project aims to draft a series of recommandations on the role of the local government, as being the link between the various urban actors working in the development of integrated policies of urban safety. Those recommandations could enable to facilitate exchanges and diffusion of integrated models of participative urban safety policies.


Starting                      2005