A new partnership with the city of Dakar

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The European Forum has maintained links with the city of Dakar since the Senegalese and African Forums for Urban Security, both presided by the mayor of Dakar, were established in 1998. Since then, Efus began and has continued to support training programmes in France for local police officers from Senegal, which is a real learning experience.

Khalifa Ababacar Sall, elected as mayor of Dakar in 2009, stressed at the beginning of his term that he wanted to better take into account the richness and diversity of the area of Dakar by relying on his municipal team and on the mayors of the arrondissements. In particular, the town hall intends to reinforce its presence in the arrondissements in order to make its guidance and urban security priorities effective in the field.

This led the town hall to recruit 500 volunteers in 2010. With this programme, the town hall aims to “reinforce the municipal authorities’ prevention, intervention and management services in the areas of health, traffic and highways, hygiene and the environment, beaches and markets”, while getting the public involved in all of the city’s actions and initiatives. This led to the slogan “Citizens at the heart of our action”.

The project, with 500 volunteers, is founded on the idea of citizenship and makes the people the heart of the life of the city again. This action represents a real society project, which encourages young people to engage and recognises that equality is vital in Senegal, while preserving respect for elders, a fundamental aspect of Senegalese culture. The volunteer project thus represents diversity in all respects.

The new partnership agreement resulting from this project will strengthen the longstanding relation of Efus and the city of Dakar. The agreement recalls the shared stakes in the collaboration between Dakar’s town hall and Efus and reaffirms the interest among the Forum’s member cities for projects and initiatives in Dakar. Efus wants to consolidate this partnership through exchange, joint training programmes or cooperative projects, with the support of its member cities.