“Towards a Better Europe”: Cyprus Presidency of the European Union, July – December 2012

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Cyprus holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union during the second half of 2012. This is the first presidency of the European Union for Cyprus.

Working ‘Towards a better Europe’, Cyprus has set four main priorities :

  1. Europe, more efficient and sustainable
  2. Europe, with a better performing and growth economy
  3. Europe, more relevant to its citizens, with solidarity and social cohesion
  4. Europe in the world, closer to its neighbours

In the field of Justice and Home Affairs, the Presidency focuses on 6 topics: Border Control and Migration ; Common European Asylum System; Civil Protection ; Police Cooperation ; Data Protection ; Criminal and Civil matters.

One of the major challenges pointed out by Cyprus Presidency is the EU migration policy.  The political changes in North Africa and the Middle East ask for a stronger cooperation between EU countries and to work on a EU legal framework on migration:
“Successful integration is the key for maximizing the benefits of immigration, both for the receiving societies and for migrants themselves in terms of economic development and social cohesion. In light of this, Cyprus Presidency will work towards enhancing cooperation between Member States and other stakeholders, with the goal to make better use of the benefits of integration with the active involvement of local and regional governance. In this respect, one should see efforts as a joint responsibility of all levels of governance and recognize the leading role of local and regional authorities in shaping and implementing national integration policies. Integration takes place at the local and regional level with the active involvement of the civil society.”

The Efus welcomes this political stance that acknowledge the role of local authorities in the implementation of successful integration policies.

Major Events in the field of Justice, Home Affairs and social policies:

Seminar of Best Practices in Cooperation between EU Member States against Cyber Crime
15.10.2012 – 16.10.2012, Larnaca

Conference on Trafficking in Human Beings
18.10.2012 , Brussels

Conference training session on European programs and funding
23.10.2012, Brussels

Spotlight on the Mediterranean Area – Uniting Our Efforts for the Future
24.10.2012 – 25.10.2012, Nicosia

Annual European Migration Network Conference
29.10.2012 – 30.10.2012, Protaras

Conference on Domestic Violence against Women
08.11.2012 – 09.11.2012, Nicosia

Expert Conference on Integration of Immigrants
20.11.2012, Nicosia

European Union Crime Prevention Network
04.12.2012 – 06.12.2012, Nicosia

FRA Conference
06.12.2012 – 07.12.2012, Brussels