Meeting of the European Crime Prevention Network (EUCPN) in Vilnius, Lithuania

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Vilnius, Lithuania, 12-13 September 2013 – Efus took part in activities organised on the occasion of the board meeting of the European Crime Prevention Network (EUCPN), on 12 and 13 September 2013 in Vilnius (Lithuania). Lithuania holds  the Presidency of the European Union (see our article) and thus also chairs the EUCPN. Set up in 2001, this network gathers representatives of the competent Ministries of each of the 28 Member States. The secretariat is based in Brussels. Apart from its official members, the EUCPN also has close relations with external partners, among which Efus (since its creation), experts on various topics, academics and front line professionals.

The overall theme of the EUCPN’s work agenda for the second semester of 2013, as set by Lithuania, is domestic violence. In this frame, the Presidency organised a field visit in the city of Nemenčinė, 17km away from the capital, in a support centre for victims of domestic violence (The social centre of children and teenagers). In Lithuania, young people can stay in this type of centre until they are 18 years old. They go to public school and receive professional training. Around 60 children and teenagers are boarded in Nemenčinė any given year, and each year the centre receives a dozen volunteer supervisors as part of the European Voluntary Service.

In connection with the official programme, Efus also attended a meeting of the Law Institute of  Vilnius (Teises), with which it collaborates in particular on the topic of relations between the police and the population (as was the case during the CECOPS project). The Teises Institute is partner of the Lithuanian presidency of the EUCPN and participates in the organisation of the Best Practice Conference and of the European Crime Prevention Award ceremony, which will take place on 11, 12 and 13 December in Vilnius.

Efus will work closely with the EUCPN on this event. Exchange between Efus, the Lithuanian Presidency and the EUCPN’s secretariat will be another opportunity to emphasise how important it is to give a voice to local authorities within the European Union.

Detailed information on the events scheduled on 11, 12 and 13 December 2013 is available in the September issue of the EUCPN’s newsletter as well as on their website (European Crime Prevention Award and Best Practice Conference).