Development of Relationships with EU Institutions, 2006

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On 15th March 2006 a meeting took place between the EFUS, Mrs. Rossana Moscatelli (Tuscany region), Rinaldo Bontempi and Nicoletta Curti, representative of the AMAPOLA association, in order to define the work schedule of the EFUS with a view to strengthening relations with European institutions, in the continuance of the  EFUS audition at the Parliament in February 2006.

In April, the EFUS participated in a seminar on financing opportunities, organised in Brussels by the European Foundation Streetchildren Worldwide.

Over the summer, further contacts were established with Members of the European Parliament of the Civil Liberties Committee in order to work on the European budget for 2007, leading to the amendments in favor of more preventive policies, focus on youth and urban violence, which were tabled by the Green group for the September plenary.
Discussions with members of the Crime Prevention section of the Justice, Liberty Security General Directorate of the European Commission, and with the Cabinet of Franco FRATTINI, were carried on in December 2006 regarding the 2007-2013 programme and its financial aspects.