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1. General Information

Alba is an Italian town in the North Western Region of Piedmont, in the province of Cuneo. It is the capital of the so called “Langhe” area, world-famous for its excellent wine and white truffle and for being the hometown of the Ferrero SpA food company.

Population: 31,300 inhabitants

Location: Italy

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Twinned with:  Böblingen (Germany), Beausoleil (France), Medford, Oregon (USA), Banská Bystrica (Slovakia), Sant Cugat (Spain), Arlon (Belgium), Bergama (Turkey)

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3. Further information

Together with other municipalities of the area, the town of Alba created a network called “PATTO SICUREZZA INTEGRATA ALBA BRA LANGHE E ROERO”, funded by Piedmont Region, aiming to lower the citizens’ feeling of danger and implement specific actions.