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Blason de Pantin

1. General Information :

Pantin has a long history spanning 2,400 years. It was originally a farming village, then a holiday destination for Parisians, an industrial city, and finally a multicultural city. Over the last two centuries, Pantin went from having under a thousand residents to over 52,000 today.

Population: 52,698 inhabitants

Location: France

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Prevention and Safety

Safety Contract: signed on 26 October 2000 by the Council, the prefecture of Seine Saint Denis, the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Board of Education and the General Council of 93.

After reviewing the various data collected, 45 action sheets were adopted by the signitaries, focusing on 6 areas:

  1. Education and Citizenship
  2. Harmonious Coexistence
  3. Strengthening Preventative Actions
  4. Improving Efficiency in Combating Crime
  5. Bringing Institutions Together
  6. Improving Coordination and the Cross-Sector Approach

The projects are very diverse and deal with all areas of prevention and repression: preventing drug addiction, ill-treatment of minors, preventing students dropping out of school (creating a remedial class), as well as setting up a Home for Parents (with a family member in hospital) and parental support, improving the reception area at the police station, forming a team of mediation officers to work on public transport and in public spaces, generalisation of local police in every neighbourhood in the city, security work (closing car parks for example), combating antisocial behaviour, developing alternatives to imprisonment, helping victims of criminal offences, opening a centre providing access to the law, etc…

There are two evaluation and monitoring bodies of the Local Safety Contract: the Steering Committee (which is comprised of the signitaries of the Local Safety Contract) and the Monitoring Committee or CCPD (extended committee of everyone who is involved in carrying out the Local Safety Contract). These two bodies enable the evaluation of the progress made by the various action sheets and to reorient current projects if necessary.

Twinned with: Scandicci (Italy) since 1969, District Meshchansk, Moscow (Russia) since 23 May 1966

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