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1. General Information :

Nantes is a French municipality in West France located on the Loire River in the South of the Armorican Massif, 50 km from the Atlantic Ocean. It is the capital city of the Pays de la Loire region and of the Loire-Atlantique département. Nantes is the largest city in the Urban Community of Nantes Metropolis with almost 600 000 inhabitants.

Population: 283 025 inhabitants

Location : France

Official website: http: //

Safety contract: From 1998 to 2007 the city of Nantes was involved in an inter-municipality safety contract led by the Urban Community of Nantes Metropolis. An inter-municipal Council for Safety and Crime Prevention (CISPD) was created in 2002 to monitor the implementation of this contract. In 2010 the city signed its own Local Safety Contract (CLS) and set up a Local Council for Safety and Crime Prevention (CLSPD).

Twinned with : Cardiff (United Kingdom) since 1964, Sarrebruck (Germany) since 1965, Tbilissi (Georgia) since 1979, Seattle (United States) since 1980, Jacksonville (United States) since 1985, Qingdao (China) since 2005, Niigata (Japan) since 2009.

2. The city in our network :

The City and Efus

Member since : 2000

Member of the Executive Committee since : 2010

Executive Committee Meeting, Lisboa, 24 November 2010

Participated in

  • Partnership Conference “Urban transports, safety and social crisis”, 1995


  • General Assembly, Brussels, Belgium, 7 June 2012
  • General Assembly, Toulouse, France, 25 June 2012
  • Conference “Cities facing urban violence“, Toulouse, 26, June, 2009
  • Conference “1983-2008, is security still everyone’s concern?”, Efus-FFSU, 5 December 2008
  • General Assembly, Barcelona, Spain, 18 July  2008

The City and the National Forum (FFSU)



  • Evaluation of the Local Safety Contract of the urban area of Nantes (44), 2008-2009

3. Project Files (Best practice forms) :

Practices cited in publications

  • New jobs: Local safety contracts, 1997
  • News jobs for the new millennium, 1997
  • Urban security practices, 1996

4. Further information :

News from the city: the city of Nantes signed its Local Security Contract in 2010 for 2010-2013.

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