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Join the only European network of local and regional authorities which is dedicated to discussing, reflecting and cooperating on crime prevention and urban security.

The European Forum for Urban Security (Efus) comprises 250 European authorities.  Formed in 1987 on the initiative of Gilbert Bonnemaison, the network aims to:

  • promote a balanced vision of urban security, combining prevention, sanctions and social cohesion,
  • support local and regional authorities in the conception, implementation and evaluation of their local security policy,
  • help local elected officials get recognition for their role in the development and implementation of national and European policies.

In this capacity, Efus provides support and inspiration for locally elected officials and their teams who are convinced of the necessity of working together, transcending political differences, for the benefit of long-term security. In accordance with the principle of ‘cities helping cities,’ Efus fosters the exchange of experience between authorities.

Efus also comprises six national Forums for Urban Security, in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

Services tailored to local and regional authorities

  • Opportunity to network with more than 250 European local authorities and access to a pool of international partners and experts
  • Implementation and supervision of European cooperation projects and work groups
  • Support to local policies
  • Information and technical assistance regarding European subsidies
  • Training
  • Study visits and trips
  • Invitation to conferences and seminars
  • Access to all of Efus’s resources : publications, practice sheets and to Efus Network, the collaborative platform for the exchange of experience and information in the area of urban security, reserved for Efus’ members. (More info)

Find more information about the services provided by Efus here.

What are the conditions for joining the network*?

  • A local coalition for urban safety must be in existence, or there must be a commitment to create such a coalition within the next few months.
  • Initiated by elected representatives, the coalition must bring together representatives of the public, private and voluntary sectors.
  • Provision must be made for technical coordination of the coalition. The presence of a local coordinator, responsible for the implementation of the coalition’s activities and working side by side with all the partners, is essential.
  • Local safety policies must be built into an overall policy of social development.
  • The necessary conditions must exist for an active participation of citizens in developing and implementing safety policies.
  • The Respect for human rights in the implementation of safety policies. Such policies must not result in greater exclusion, nor in an increase of inequality nor of a feeling of injustice.

*These conditions may vary depending on the competences of local and regional authorities in each country.

Membership fees are determined on the following scale according to the number of inhabitants: see the annual membership fees for 2021.

Logo Label Ideas


Efus was awarded the IDEAS Label for the second time in 2019. This Label certifies the implementation of good practices in terms of governance, financial management and monitoring the effectiveness of the action. This is a guarantee of seriousness and trust for funders and donors, for more information, visit their website.


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