The next “Security, Democracy and Cities” conference will be held in Nice in the autumn of 2020

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During its General Assembly meeting held in Augsburg (DE) on 26 June 2019, Efus chose Nice (FR) as the host city of its 2020 “Security, Democracy and Cities” international conference. A key event in the network’s life, the conference will be dedicated to the exchange of practices, experience and knowledge on urban security.

>> A major conference on urban security

Interdisciplinary and dedicated to the exchange of practices, experience and knowledge on urban security and crime prevention in Europe and in the world, the “Security, Democracy and Cities” conference concerns all urban security stakeholders: elected officials, local and regional authority executives, magistrates, security professionals, social workers, researchers, and civil society actors. 

The last “Security, Democracy and Cities” international conference was hosted in November 2017 by the city of Barcelona and the region of Catalonia (ES). It gathered some 800 participants representing 130 local and regional authorities from 47 countries of the five continents. The rich programme included four plenary sessions, 16 workshops, 17 field visits and 30 ‘zoom’ thematic sessions.

>> Nice, a city engaged in security and crime prevention

The city of Nice is very active with regard to security and crime prevention.

It is leading the PACTESUR European project in which Efus is a partner and which seeks to build the capacities of cities and local actors in the field of the security of public spaces vulnerable to terrorist and other threats. 

Nice also coordinates with Efus and the city of Madrid (ES) the Partnership on the security of public spaces of the Urban Agenda for the European Union. This partnership gathers local authorities, Member States and European institutions working together to strengthen the role of cities in European security policies, to increase the sharing of knowledge and good practices, and to advocate at European level legislative reform and new funding frameworks.

I am pleased that Nice was selected to host Efus’ major international conference on urban security in the Autumn of 2020, and that it was elected member of the Executive Committee of this network that gathers 250 cities and regions from 16 countries. It is a recognition of our efforts and leadership at European level on issues of security and resilience,” said Christian Estrosi, Mayor of Nice.

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