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Efus meets in Paris a delegation of Japanese industrialists and researchers to discuss new technologies and security

Paris, France, November 2019 – What ethical and legal challenges do new technologies such as artificial intelligence pose in terms of security? Do they efficiently protect people against threats such as terrorism? Are new laws necessary to regulate the use … More

Cutting Crime Impact: innovative brainstorming methods for the partner local authorities

Manchester, United Kingdom, September 2019 – The University of Salford, leader of the Cutting Crime Impact (CCI) project on the reduction of the impact of petty crime on citizens, in which Efus is a partner, organised three DesignLab sessions in … More

Kick off meeting of the BeSecure-FeelSecure project in Piraeus, Greece

Piraeus, Greece, October 2019 – The partners of the BeSecure-FeelSecure (BSFS) European project, led by the municipality of Piraeus, situated near Athens (Greece), held their kick off meeting on 8 October in this city to discuss each partner’s role and … More

Innovating in Urban Security – by Paul Ekblom, University College, London –

Why should we innovate in urban security? What, indeed, is innovation and how does Efus view it? How can we support it? These are the topics that are being covered in Efus’ working group on Innovation & Security. It was … More

From apps to social innovation… how to make the best use of information technologies in crime prevention and urban security

Augsburg, Germany, June 2019 – The new working group on Innovation & Security established in the wake of the Medi@4sec projet on the use of information technologies met on the occasion of Efus’ General Assembly meeting, on 26 June in … More

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