Tools and methods

Secucities Partenariats, 2001

Information on that programme only available in French.

SecuCities Crime Prevention in Europe: comparing seven local crime prevention policies 2002

Click here to download the final report (Pdf) The project : The aim of the project is to analyse and to compare the local safety policies to the strategy of the European Union within the field of criminality prevention, and, especially, … More

Project Secucities Cultures of Prevention: Urban crime prevention policies in Europe: towards a common culture? 2004

Project Secucities: Cultures of Prevention: Urban Crime Prevention Policies in Europe: towards a common culture?, 05/2005- 10/ 2006 Content : This project, coordinated by the EFUS, aimed at presenting the cultural differences of the member states regarding causalities and responsibilities in crime … More

“Teaching Urban Security in Europe”, Dijon seminar, 2005

  EFUS’ role            Co-organiser of the meeting, with the  City of Dijon, the Greater Dijon and the University of Burgundy   Partners                See below in report. Others will have the opportunity to join the consortium of universities later.   Content                  Creating … More

Czech cities meeting on local safety audits, Prague, December 2006

Czech cities are invited to join the seminar organised by the EFUS on December 14th in Prague. This meeting is meant to foster an exchange of good practice on local safety policies. One instrument of local safety policies – local safety aufits … More