Tools and methods

Security Partnerships: report on the seminar held in Paris on 2 and 3 March 2001

This first work seminar of the Secucities Partnerships programme gave the opportunity, during the presentation of each of the partners, to define the study’s framework and priorities as well as an appropriate work methodology.  The contents of the exchanges were … More

Secucities Partnerships: report of the seminar held in Valencia on 8 and 9 June 2001

The following were present at the seminar in Valencia [1] : Mr Claude Jacquier, Researcher with CNRS, France Ms Leah Janss Lafond, Healthy Policy Specialist, UK [2] Miss Laurence Jamotte, Secretary for Prevention Policy, Belgium Mr Pablo Alonso, Minister responsible for … More

Secucities Partenariats, 2001

Information on that programme only available in French.

SecuCities Crime Prevention in Europe: comparing seven local crime prevention policies 2002

Click here to download the final report (Pdf) The project : The aim of the project is to analyse and to compare the local safety policies to the strategy of the European Union within the field of criminality prevention, and, especially, … More

Project Secucities Cultures of Prevention: Urban crime prevention policies in Europe: towards a common culture? 2004

Project Secucities: Cultures of Prevention: Urban Crime Prevention Policies in Europe: towards a common culture?, 05/2005- 10/ 2006 Content : This project, coordinated by the EFUS, aimed at presenting the cultural differences of the member states regarding causalities and responsibilities in crime … More