Tools and methods

How do citizens perceive the quality of life in their city?

Find out about the local perceptions of quality of life in 31 European Cities, by reading a synopsis of this year’s Urban Audit, which highlights eight fields (1) employment opportunities, (2) housing costs, (3) safety, (4) cleanliness of cities, (5) public … More

The European retail theft barometer, 4th Report to the tetail industry, 2006

Click HERE to download the report

Evaluation of the cost of crime in Luton, UK, 2005

The Crime and Disorder audit of Luton (UK) evaluates the cost of crime in the city

Euromoney Conference, Munich, May 9th 2005

 On May 9th 2005, the EFUS participated in the 12th Euromoney Conference, devoted to the financing of local and regional authorities and which brought together more than 400 representatives of European cities and regions. This meeting was the occasion for … More

International colloquium on Crime and Insecurity, October 2005

This international colloquium took place on september 29th-oct.1st 2005 in Versailles. Full program available in French and English.