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Women safety audits

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Saragossa Conference Workshop on Technologies and Liberties, 2006, Spain

This international conference, organised by the European Forum for Urban Safety, brought together 800 participants for discussions around all major issues and current challenges in urban safety. It ended with the adoption of the ZARAGOZA MANIFESTO, an important policy document summarising the … More

Conference on crime audits organised by the Belgium Forum, Saint-Gilles, March 2003

On the 31st of March 2003, the Belgian Forum for Urban Safety held a conference on local security assessments.  Since 1992, and thus a long time before many European countries, Belgium has provided its communes with structured security and crime … More

SecuCities Inclusion, 2001-2003.

 Study: ‘How the European Volunteer Service (EVS), initiated by the European Commission, can better contribute to the social integration of young people in great difficulty?’, 2001 (In the framework of the European Programme “Assistance for cooperation between social solidarity institutions … More

European Sourcebook on Crime and Criminal Justice, 2004

While there is a decrease in burglary in Europe, violent crime and drug related crime is increasing. Although there are less offenders found, the probability of an offender being convicted increased, with the exception of burglaries and drug related crimes. … More