Tools and methods

Exploratory Walks, Safety and security walks

Exploratory walks were created at the beginning of the 90s in Montreal, Canada, by METRAC2 as part of preventive policies against violence targeted at women and children. Since then the approach has been broadened into a general tool enabling decision … More

Video surveillance in Dobrich (Bulgaria): travel notes

Almost everybody around the table agreed: The city of Dobrich needs a CCTV system. What for? Of course to fight crime, but also to enforce road traffic regulations. What are the offences targeted, especially given that Dobrich does not have … More

For an active citizenship in local safety policies – Febuary 2009 – Genoa Italy

This document contains a summary of the main findings of a survey conducted by FONDACA (Foundation for Active Citizenship) on the role of active citizenship organisations in urban safety policies. The analysis was commissioned by the Municipality of Genoa (Safe … More

Two seminars on Urban Safety and Community Participation, From Brent (UK) to Turin (IT), December 1999 and March 2000

The first seminar took place in Brent (London Borough, UK) and gathered 18 European cities: Barcelona (Es), Bilbao (Es), Bron (Fr), Calcais (Pt), Charleroi (Be), Edinburgh (Uk), Grenoble (Fr), Liège (Be), Lisbonne (Pt), Mulhouse (Fr), Namur (Be), Naples (It), Porto … More

Seminar on local safety audit, Brussels, March 27th & 28th 2008

International Seminar on Local Safety Audits The European Forum for Urban Safety (EFUS) has produced, with the financial support of the Government of Canada through Public Safety Canada (National Crime Prevention Center), a Guidance on local safety audits: A compendium … More

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