Tools and methods

Bordeaux signs the Charter for a democratic use of videosurveillance

Bordeaux (France), 15 March 2012 – The city of Bordeaux has joined other European cities in endorsing the Charter for a democratic use of videosurveillance published by Efus and its partners as part of the “Citizens, cities and videosurveillance” project, … More

Two European Forum experts participate in a strategic mission for the French municipality of Villiers-le-Bel

Paris, 20 February 2012 – Two European Forum experts, Franco Corradini, Deputy Mayor of Reggio Emilia, in Italy, in charge of cohesion and urban security, and Véronique Ketelaer, Director of prevention and participation of the city of Brussels, in Belgium, … More

Efus partner of the research project on ethics and efficiency of surveillance technology “SURVEILLE”

The European Forum is a partner of the research project “SURVEILLE”, which stands for  “SURVeillance: Ethical Issues, Legal Limitations, and Efficiency”. The project aims at systematically reviewing the impacts of different surveillance systems, and helping manufacturers and end-users to better … More

First work meeting of the EEMUS project partners

Paris, 13 February, 2012 – The first work meeting of the partners of the EEMUS project for the creation of a European masters in urban security -a project led by Efus and co-financed by the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme … More

“We all at football” The art and culture together as tools for prevention

“We all at football” is a theater project created by Frédérick Paulus and directed by Sylvain Plouette with the performance of the beginners players, all of them football fans who has  become actors. This theater proposal tries to motivate fans … More