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Perception of security among Brno citizens, Brno, Czech Republic, 2005

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Victimisation survey, Barcelona, Spain 1996

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European Sourcebook on Crime and Criminal Justice, 2004

While there is a decrease in burglary in Europe, violent crime and drug related crime is increasing. Although there are less offenders found, the probability of an offender being convicted increased, with the exception of burglaries and drug related crimes. … More

Prevention and security policies in Europe, 2002

In the nineties the prevention policy of the eighties has become a part of an increasingly repressive security policy. In the context of a new relationship between the states and the citizens private security agencies are playing a more important … More

How do citizens perceive the quality of life in their city?

Find out about the local perceptions of quality of life in 31 European Cities, by reading a synopsis of this year’s Urban Audit, which highlights eight fields (1) employment opportunities, (2) housing costs, (3) safety, (4) cleanliness of cities, (5) public … More

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