Audits & Evaluation

Cutting Crime Impact: what works and what does not work in European projects on the prevention of petty crime

As part of the Cutting Crime Impact (CCI) project, Efus analysed European projects aimed at preventing or reducing petty crime. What tools and solutions are most commonly recommended? What hinders their adoption by end users (law enforcement agencies and policy … More

Methods and Tools for a Strategic Approach to Urban Security – Publication

Methods and Tools for a Strategic Approach to Urban Security   The implementation of local actions to improve individual and collective security requires a clear and precise understanding both of crime in a given community and of the various perceptions of safety … More

AUDITS project: work meeting on the new guide book on local audits to be published later this year

Paris, February 2015 – What methodological tools are available to local authorities for their security and prevention policies? What strategies can they implement to base such policies on evidence? What main challenges are they facing in 2015? What new tools … More

The project – Methodological Tools for the Definition of Local Security Policies in Europe

Background Having a clear and precise view of the crime situation in a specific territory is a necessary prerequisite prior to implementing local actions aimed at improving individual and collective security. Given the overall context of budgetary restrictions, local and … More

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