Substance Abuse

Conference ‘For an European drug policy…’, Brussels, September 17th 2003

The conference’s objective was to support the participation of civil society in the definition and promotion of a european drug policy.  Optimising the impact of local work, transfert of cometencies vera some of the topics. The meeting was organised by … More

FISU seminar, Trento, Italy, December 1st 2005

Cities and the prevention of drugs The 1st of December will take place in Trento (Italy) the presentation of the research on the relation between the drug market and crime prevention policies, realised for the Italian Forum for Urban Safety … More

International conference on dependencies, Edingurgh, September 2006

The EFUS was invited to participate in the 49th ICAA International Conference on Dependencies, held in Edinburgh on September 3rd – 7th. Under the overall theme “What Makes Good Practice”, the conference aimed to provide a broad platform of dialogue … More

Conference ‘Drugs: Meeting the threat to probation’, CPE, Stockholm, May 23rd-25th 2007

On the 23rd-25th May 2007 in Stockhom, the “” (CEP – European permanent conference on probation) organised a conference called “Drugs: Meeting the threat to probation”. The CEP is a European network of probation services organising conferences, seminars and workshops … More

Prevention of Drug Abuse in Schools / Rome, Italy 1998

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