Substance Abuse

Local Monitoring Centre on Addiction / La Spezia, Italy 2004

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Prison Services for Drug Addict Prisoners / Lodz, Poland 2005

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Conference on drug addictions, Matosinhos, Portugal, 6-7 December 2004

The Portuguese city of Matosinhos organised a conference titled “Drug addictions” to debate on themes such as prevention practices, risk reduction, and treatment. Local and European lecturers participated in this event together with local actors, field actors and students. This … More

Exchange on Drug Addiction Prevention, Montevideo, 2005-2006

EFUS’ Role Project Manager Partners Paris, Montevideo (Uruguay) Contents The Drug Addiction Prevention Mission at the City council of Paris has delegated to the European Forum the management of a cooperation and exchange programme as regards local policies of the … More

Conference “quasi-coerced treatment and other alternatives to imprisonment”, Bucharest, November 11th-12th 2007

The European Forum for Urban Safety is involved in a European conference organised by the Council of Europe’s Pompidou Group and the Romanian National Anti-Drug Agency focusing on quasi-coerced treatment and other alternatives to imprisonment for drug users. This event … More

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