Risks & Forms of crime

“Urban audit perception survey”, European Union, 2005

Last eurobarometer on quality of life in European cities. You will find some elements on the feeling of insecurity by clicking .

Workshop on “Drugs”, Zaragoza conference, 2006

In the framework of the Saragossa conference, a Workshop on Drugs was coordinated by the Belgian Forum for Prevention and Urban Safety and the Democracy, Cities & Drugs Network with the support of the European Commission and of the Mission … More

“Public safety – Exposure to drug-related problems and crime”, Report, European Commission, 2003

Third edition of the European study on crime, insecurity and victimization in EU. We have also questions about drug related to the perception of criminality.More

The European Commission established a European Forum for the Prevention of Organized Crime (2001)

The European Commission (Justice and Home Affairs Department) organised the 1st meeting of the European Forum on the Prevention of Organised Crime on 17th and 18th May 2001 in Brussels (Belgium). The field of action was petty and serious crime, … More

Study on women prostitution and slavery and on organized crime in Switzerland (2003)

This study examines the links between prostitution, the trafficking and slavery of women and crime in Switzerland. The authors (Massimo Sardi and Didier Froidevaux) insist on the need to develop monitoring instruments such as those which are aready in place in … More