Risks & Forms of crime

THB Expert Group Recommendations to the European union: Make the trafficking in human beings a EU priority, 2004, Brussels, Belgium

Recommendations made to the European Union on Wednesday 22 December by the European Commission’s Experts Group on Trafficking in Human Beings urge the EU to provide protection for migrants, and support and assistance for victims of trafficking in measures it … More

Declaration against terrorism, Granada, Spain 2005

Declaration against Terrorism, Grenada (Spain), 2005 During the first day of the meeting of the G-5 of the EU in Grenada (Spain), the Interior Ministers of Germany, the UK, France, Italy and Spain approved a Declaration on terrorism, of which … More

Contribution of local powers to the struggle against terrorism, 2005, Mulhouse, France

 2004-2005 Workshop of the CLRAE (Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe) of the council of Europe- Contribution of local powers to the struggle against terrorism On the 4th of November 2004, the EFUS intervened in the Winter International … More

Workshop « Support for the victims of terrorism», October 2006, Brussels, Belgium

On October 29th 2006, the Executive Director of the EFUS, Michel Marcus participated as an expert in the workshop « Support to the victims of terrorism », organised in Brussels by the European Commission.

Cities against terrorism

The recent failed terrorist attacks in London and at Glasgow airport as well as in Denmark and Germany bring forward once again the legitimate question on the level of European cities’ preparedness to cope with terrorist threats. The outcomes from … More